Hospital management System

Hospital management System

Advanced management software for hospital,clinic,diagnostic center

Advanced, powerfull, flexible complete management software for hospital, clinic and medical institutes. Integrates and facilitates 7 types of user area of a hospital .

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  • Administrator
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Laboratorist
  • Accountant


  1. Manage departments of hospital
  2. Manage doctor account
  3. Manage patient account
  4. Manage nurse account
  5. Manage pharmacist account
  6. Manage laboratorist account
  7. Manage accountant account
  8. Monitor hospital events
  9. watch transaction reports of patient payment
  10. Bed,ward, cabin status
  11. watch blood bank report
  12. watch medicine status of hospital stock
  13. watch operation report
  14. watch birth report
  15. watch death report
  16. Bed allotment status and admit history
  17. Manage noticeboard for all users of hospital
  18. Manage system settings
  19. Watch system log of user interactions
  20. Manage language of the software
  21. Create backup and restore anytime
  22. Manage own profile