Software Testing

Software Testing Services

Boost your software testing effort for an immediate project or economically expand your long-term capability with experienced software testers. We can provide the manual testing resources you need from individual testers to dedicated teams, for every testing phase including the maintenance of your application.
Since 1994 clients big and small, across all industry verticals, have relied on us for help with software testing. We have hundreds of software testers who have completed rigorous QA training and are well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies. Our staff includes QA engineers trained in software development and computer science, giving us the ability to undertake testing projects that require specialized skills such as API testing, database testing and load/performance testing

  • Software testing competency
  • Web, cloud and e-commerc.
  • Embedded devices.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Agile software testing

  • Key industry verticals
  • Enterprise software
  • Consumer electronics
  • Financial Services.
  • Gaming & Entertainment

  • We have testers ready to assist with
  • Exploratory testing.
  • Black, white and gray-box testing
  • Manual test case design
  • Issue tracking
  • Configuration matrix design
  • Platform specific testing