Optical Mark Reader

Optical Mark Reader

Project Description

Optical Mark reading (OMR) is a method of entering data into a computer system. Optical Mark Readers reads pencil or pen marks made in pre-defined positions on paper forms as responses to questions or tick list prompts. The OMR data entry system contains the information to convert the presence or absence of marks into a computer data file.
The OMR technology could be used if data is to be collected from a large number of sources simultaneously, a large volume of data must be collected and processed in a short period of time, information mainly comprises the selection of categories or "tick box" answers to multiple- choice questions..

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  1. A fast method of inputting large amounts of data - up to 10,000 forms can be read per hour depending on the quality of the machine used
  2. OMR is much more accurate than data being keyed in by a person
  3. Only one computer needed to collect and process the data