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Microsoft .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is a software framework or programming framework created by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. "A framework is just a bundle of code that the programmer can call without having to write it explicitly."

Vcreate Technologies Technologies has established a special Microsoft .NET competency center to embrace forthcoming trends in Microsoft technologies, ensure early adoption, spread knowledge and promote best practices with Microsoft technologies. Vcreate Technologies Technologies Microsoft .NET Competency Center is staffed by trained Microsoft Certified professionals with applications development experience, knowledge and development skills in Microsoft .NET development environments. Vcreate Technologies Tecnologies has invested in training resources and developing best practices for application development using Microsoft's .NET architecture. Currently the center focuses on developing and enhancing custom application using the Microsoft .NET environment.


The objectives of the Microsoft .NET competency center apart from raid development and implementation of projects includes:
  • Building extensive experience on Microsoft Technology.
  • In depth knowledge of Microsoft Technology solutions.
  • Providing technical solutions implementing Microsoft .NET framework.
  • Resolving problems faced in applying Microsoft .NET technology.
  • Nurture fellow .net development staff on Microsoft cutting edge technologies.
  • Implementing the best software pattern and best practices of architecting, designing and development approaches.
  • Building competency in chosen Microsoft servers, browser technology, Mobile and Cloud services.
  • Developing reusable components that can be used across projects to further improve rapid development timelines.
  • Conducting organization-wide training programs in Microsoft technologies.


Vcreate Technologies Technologies Microsoft .NET Competency Center expertise includes but not limited to:
  • Microsoft .NET Desktop and Web Application Development.
  • Microsoft .NET Custom(Bespoke)Software Development.
  • Microsoft .NET Pocket PC/Mobile Application Development.
  • Microsoft.NET Application Maintenance and Enhancement.
  • Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Legacy Application Modernization or Migration to Microsoft .NET (VB 6 to VB .NET, ASP to ASP .NET).
  • Migration or Reengineering of legacy applications to Microsoft .NET (Delphi to C#, Cold Fusion to ASP.NET and C#).


  • Single source of technical know how.
  • Faster time to market and implementation.
  • Best practices of rapidly implement time tested techniques and solutionsMicrosoft .NET Pocket PC/Mobile Application Development.
  • Reduced risk of technology implementation.
  • Overall lower cost of total software life cycle development.


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