Project Description

Interactive Kiosks as a medium has come of age and caters to a very diverse array of applications ranging from customer engagement at retail outlets to supporting HR initiatives at workplaces. In particular, its ability to deliver information and content on an on-demand basis, and in a non-intrusive manner, has made it a popular medium for accessing various kinds of information — product availability, new arrivals, special offers, product demos, DIY instructions, tips, training modules, etc.

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  • Customer engagement at retail outlets
  • Customer education at company/dealer premises
  • Customer Loyalty Programmes/e-CRM Initiatives
  • Visitor engagement at tradeshows and expos


  1. Evolved strategies and thought processes emanating from a learning experience spanning more than 12 years
  2. Hands-on experience in handling large projects for discerning Indian and global clients
  3. Full cycle service portfolio offering support right from concept to deployment
  4. Integrated services spanning both software and hardware
  5. Ability to handle scalable projects, ramping up from a single kiosks to thousands.