Finanacial Services

Finanacial Services

Vcreate Technologies expertise and experience in finanacial services ecosystem can address challenges and seize oppertunities in banking & insurance

Fanancial Services & Insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation due to recent changes in economic conditions and regulatory norms. Banks and Financial Institutions are now transitioning their buisness model beyond checking and savings in order tosucceed in this extremely competitive market. Innovations in the banking sector such as peer-to-peer lending, micropayments, pay day loans, collaborative financial planning and social savings are also changing the landscape of the financial domain. Furthermore, regulatory compliance is a critical factor that must be given top priority in day-to-day operations.

Focus Areas in our Financial Services

Vcreate Technologies has helped clients develop and support a wide variety of financial Services software solutions which include:

  • Individual Background Check (credit, civil, criminal, etc.)
  • Pay Day Loans.
  • Pawn Shop lending.
  • Consumer Lending.
  • Wealth Management & Advising.
  • Debt Reductions Services.
  • Leasing.
  • Insurance.
  • Trading & Brokering.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Financial Reporting.
  • Employee Benefits Administration.
  • Policy Administration.
  • Insurance Premium Quoting systems.
  • Client and Broker Management.
  • Policies, Claims and Reinsurance.
Focus Areas in our Financial Services

Vcreate Technologies Utilizing our knowledge of both proprietary and open source software development technologies, as well as current market requirements and regulations, ISHIR is able to provide the following services for building and supporting banking software solutions:

  • Leverage SaaS models and incorporate SOA best practices.
  • Document Management and High speed Scanning and archiving Systems
  • Develop financial reporting products that implement XBRL standards, adhere to SEC norms and generate statutory reports
  • Integrating large legacy systems using XML web services
  • EDI Integrations.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Systems.
  • Design lending applications that integrate with credit bureaus and credit reports (e.g., Experian, Equifax, D&B).
  • Develop frameworks for fraud detection and prevention
  • Build financial analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Migrate legacy software to a Cloud Computing model.
  • Bank or Credit Union Websites
  • Search engine marketing and social media marketing services
  • Consumer Informational Portals
  • Finance Services Portals in Microsoft SharePoint